Monday, September 24, 2012

Autumn Cover Up

I so like the Summer when we can feel free with very light clothing when outside.  But it does not take long for me to "freeze" when the cooler weather now.  To minimize outer wear, I go with a cape.  And this cape pattern is wonderful because it actually has draping that cape up and down your arms.  The sleeves are very loose fitting as is the whole cape.  Since I live in the South West, I wear capes all winter.

I made this medium chocolate brown version, and it's listed for sale at,  One size fits most and totally right for cool mornings, evenings and daytime. Casual and an easy pick-me-up for that quick trip to the store.

I like wearing the cape and made two for myself last season.  One is a camel or buckskin color and the other is a kitty cat print. No matter which one I wear, there will always be someone somewhere who gives a compliment.  I almost gave it to a lady in a doctor's office waiting room who was there for her cancer treatments, too.  The poor lady loved the cape and looked like she needed a hug that I know the cape would have provided. The cape is so cuddly and warm, and yet it is airy and not to hot.

Until the next time,
(Just in case you are wondering, my cancer has been gone for 4 years!)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The New Jewelry Match Maker

Time to unveil the Match Maker; the Jewelry Match Maker. This is a “wow” idea! Please tell me what you think.  It’s never too late to redesign.  You have heard of the Kindle I, II, III, and the iPhone I, II, III, and etc. and etc.  Well, I’m not going to get carried away with my design.  It actually works great just like it is.  Oh my, I should patent this!

No need to untangle those long chain or bead necklaces anymore. No need to find a place to store that bulky jewelry.  The whole set will be right at your finger tips…at the ready, on the hanger with the outfit. Keep the earrings there, too. Unhook the necklace, slide it through and hook together. Split rings in the top allow the holder to separate for long beads that have no clasps.  The whole thing slips easily over the hanger. The holders are made of vinyl with a separate earring holder sewn onto the front side

The Match Maker is great for traveling. If you want, slide the beads into a small plastic zipper bag while it hangs with the outfit.  These are great for gift giving, and I have them in my shop:

Thank you for looking.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

And the Match Maker is Being Born

I am developing a new idea.  First I have to make a prototype and try it out myself.  With my make shift "Match Maker", it seems to work great. Designing it, making it and then offering it for sale is another story.

I have been drawing, measuring and cutting.
Here are my first photos:

In a day or two I will have the finished product to show you.  In the meantime, I will do the sewing, and I have to shop for one more thing to finish it up.  You will love it.

I will tweet (@NeonSunsetEtsy) a link to here when it is done, and then get it posted to my shop (

Bye for now!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Autumn Time is a Grand Time

My area of the world has just come through a long and hot Summer.  We will still have very hot weather ahead but with cool down times, too.  The fall months are a time we really look forward to and my new Treasury on Etsy is ready for your enjoyment.

I keep busy with the process of filling my shops on Etsy with new and interesting items.  One of the things a lot of shop owners like to do is feature items from different shops in a collection of 16 all with something in common.  I have put together a collection of blue and orange Autumn themed products.  I hope you enjoy.  At the time of making the Treasury, all items were for sale. Click anywhere for a larger view of the collection.

Here is the original link to see the Treasury in my shop, ReneesBags:
If you want details of an item, just click the title under each photo. Happy Browsing!