Friday, April 06, 2012

Okay, so my doctor wants me on low carbs because of my high cholesterol count. He says to me, "Eat all the cheese and eggs you want".  What? Cheese and eggs?  He did not say one thing about beans and legumes...I love those!  And it's a good thing I do since I do not eat meat, and I need to be creative to get enough protein.  Slowly, slowly I am down a couple pounds (the "slow" is because of those almonds, walnuts and pecans). This is good protein, but I snack too much. I call this diet "Earth Food".  Hmmm, like Earth Day.

And what are you doing for Earth Day.  I like this celebration.  I think each year it gets more and more publicity.  The schools here are big into it.  We recycle big at my house.  I am into recycling in my sewing and handmade shop:  I just love going to the local second hand store to see what goodies I can find.  I needed a 3 yard piece of fabric to make a long, narrow apron tie.  Three yards of fabric would be an outrageous price compared to a beautiful, large, unwanted foot stool cover I found.  And now I have some really great coordinating fabric to use on another project.  Here is the apron:
I call it a work apron because of all the pockets. You can use it with any of your projects like crafts, painting, house keeping and even working out doors.  When done, just keep the pockets loaded with your tools, roll it up and it will be ready again when you are.  Easy washer and dryer care.

Till the next time, Happy Earth Day!.