Saturday, August 05, 2006

Cooking Light with Healthy Recipes

Cooking tips and great ideas about cooking light with easy recipes.

We all have very little time for putting together healthy meals; even those who are retired and those who are stay-at-home working people. This collection of cooking tips and free recipes is meant to make you feel like you just graduated from cooking school...well, maybe not quite. And don’t forget cooking for a crowd. With a little planning, easy recipes can make it a snap! Well, here goes…

Tip 1. Think of the foods you are passionate about. We all know that “Million-dollar Success Stories” are created by people who are passionate about their work. Passionate...what a word! The same goes in the kitchen. If you like it and want it, you will be successful.

Tip 2. Determine your cooking situation: cooking for 2, cooking for 1, cooking for a crowd, cooking with simple recipes, cooking for kids, cooking gourmet, etc.

Tip 3. Allow yourself the freedom to stock a pantry in your favorite cooking style: Italian, South West, Country Home Cooking, Southern Cooking, etc. When ingredients are on hand, cooking becomes fun. Check your selected recipes for any additional shopping needs.

Tip 4. All cooking styles can be vegetarian and delicious!

Tip 5. Presentation, presentation, presentation! Even if you are cooking for one, treat yourself to a lovely table setting at least two times a week. More fun! Pretty center piece, candles, placemat, pretty table cloth, cloth napkins, etc.

Now for the recipes...simple, healthy recipes for complete meals, all found at Many have reader comments and helpful tips. Modify as needed for your cooking palette. Desserts are included and can be prepared or not.

This 5 course meal can be changed to a 3 or 4 course meal. Use when “company’s coming” or “just because”. The recipes can be printed out and please consider using VegWeb's Grocery List Maker provided at the top of each recipe. It’s an amazing shopping assistant!

Really Good, Fast Lentil Soup submitted by mlharris - Put together ahead and reheat...delicious!
Mandarin Salad - submitted by jessesmum - Bright, light and delicious!
Pasta Mia - submitted by Redd - Low fat!...Whoopee!
Simple Chocolate Mousse - submitted by lax - Delicate, special and easy!

This meal is great for cooking outdoors. Fun, easy recipes! Again, use the Grocery List Maker.

Veggie BBQ - submitted by gorskins - Great variety...something for everyone!
Black Bean Pasta Salad - submitted by Annie - Great! Another make ahead recipe!
Garbanzo Bean Burgers - submitted by KL Marbury - Pan fry or use heavy foil on the grill.
Instead of making the patties, grocery freezer sections have some very good veggie burgers. Select one, grill and brush with your favorite BBQ sauce.
Don’t forget whole wheat buns and condiments.
Monas Chewy Good n Gooey Pecan Brownies - submitted by Mona - Well, you have to live a little. Only have one...if you can!

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