Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kitchen, etc.

I wanted to share the ideas I have for your kitchen or for Holiday gift giving.  Some of these items can be used as housewarming gifts, as “Thank you” gifts and for “I know you will like it” gifts.

These things are in my shop in the section titled, “Kitchen, etc.”.  Sadly for you, I sold a very cute cupcake hot pad, and a very sassy, pretty ruffled apron. 

Happily, I found a lonely, like new place mat at the second hand shop, and it became this lovely double oven mitt.

It needs a new kitchen to help get those heavy casseroles out of the oven or help get the hot dishes out of the wall-mount micro wave.  I added a pretty green fabric with tiny purple polka dots.

You will find 4 different table runners to choose from.  Here is a picture of the Christmas fabric table runner.

It is fun to change the look of your table throughout the year.  Changing table runners actually changes the look of the whole room.

Aprons, now I have aprons…8 at this writing.  Just in time for Thanksgiving, I selected this apron to post here:

This apron and 5 others are up-cycled.  Like-new table cloths and pillow cases are now living as aprons…very retro and practical aprons.  The other 2 aprons are new polka dot fabric with 3 layers of ruffles.  Very fun to wear!  Some have pockets and some do not.  They all wash and dry beautifully.

My kitchen section needs some more ideas, and I would love to hear any suggestions you might have.  I thought of designing and sewing small appliance covers, more hot pads and a new item: an oven rack guard.  I have the special fire proof fabric and will post again when it is designed and listed.  In the meantime, let me know if you have any ideas!

Happy, healthy cooking and Peace in Your Kitchen!

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