Thursday, March 15, 2012

Veggie Eating is Not Enough

Ok, so I found out today that I have to go on a low carb diet. Essentially, The Atkins Diet. My cholesterol is too high, and the carbohydrates that I eat cause me to produce too much insulin. The name for this condition is dyslipidemia. In short, when I eat one slice of bread, my body thinks I ate two slices of bread. The low carb diet should take care of the problem or at least make it better.

I have decided it is important for me to stick to my diet plan. Plus, the secondary bonus is loosing weight. Yep, 20 pounds lower on the scale would be great!

Since I consider myself vegetarian, except for eating fish, eggs and cheese, I will have to cut out a few staples: pasta and pizza dough and potatoes (French fries) and sandwiches and sugar. But I love all kinds of other food which is on the diet. I think this will work!

The doctor wants to see my diet journal, but I do not have to count calories or limit the non-carb foods. In 2 months I get another lab test to see how it is going. So wish me luck.

In addition to what the doctor gave me, I found a really cool web site on this subject: I did some pinning of their information. That is and this is my page: . You might want to consider signing up for pinterest. It is another way to run across lots of really neat things.
Tom, my significant other, is hooked on it, too (well, sort of).

I will check back another time to let you know how I am doing.


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