Sunday, September 16, 2012

The New Jewelry Match Maker

Time to unveil the Match Maker; the Jewelry Match Maker. This is a “wow” idea! Please tell me what you think.  It’s never too late to redesign.  You have heard of the Kindle I, II, III, and the iPhone I, II, III, and etc. and etc.  Well, I’m not going to get carried away with my design.  It actually works great just like it is.  Oh my, I should patent this!

No need to untangle those long chain or bead necklaces anymore. No need to find a place to store that bulky jewelry.  The whole set will be right at your finger tips…at the ready, on the hanger with the outfit. Keep the earrings there, too. Unhook the necklace, slide it through and hook together. Split rings in the top allow the holder to separate for long beads that have no clasps.  The whole thing slips easily over the hanger. The holders are made of vinyl with a separate earring holder sewn onto the front side

The Match Maker is great for traveling. If you want, slide the beads into a small plastic zipper bag while it hangs with the outfit.  These are great for gift giving, and I have them in my shop:

Thank you for looking.

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