Thursday, October 11, 2012

And What is Your Passion?

I really enjoy what I do with my sewing machine.  I like thinking of new things to make and designing new things.  I get enjoyment from a finished product.  I want my creations to be enjoyed by others for a long time to come.

I received in my email box an article about a couple who have a very successful Etsy shop: Paloma's Nest at As it turns out, Caroline Colom Vasquez and Jose Vasquez-Corbalan also offer handcrafted consulting at @  

I like to check out other handcrafters for help with ideas for my shop and for ways I can improve my chances for success.  You might get inspiration, too.  And if you would like to read more from Caroline and Jose, they are writing a monthly article on the blog "Poppytalk" in the Business Matters column.  And Poppytalk is worth check out, too!  Get to it here:

Oh, where does our time go?

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