Thursday, January 03, 2013

I Just Love New Ideas

So I was thinking, it would be nice if I would build up the Kitchen section of my handmade shop,  Looking around on the web I found this blog: She created an easy-to-follow tutorial, and this is what happened when I set down to master the idea.  I am not a quilter, and I don't know if this is "the folded star pattern", but I call it Folder Star Potholder. Mine turned out somewhat larger and it's made with 5" squares instead of circles.  So far, I have given away 2 of them and they are being used as "a trivet".  I suppose if I had been given one, I would want to use it as a trivet because they are lovely.

This red, white and blue potholder is the first one I made.  The pretty print fabric is a recycled Dutch symmetry floral clothe.  Both the print and the solid color fabrics are heavy cotton and make a trivet-weight hot pad.  Because of the weight of the fabrics, the pieces are a little hard to fold, and I suggest using light weight cottons instead.  Also, I found that a 12" square of fabric is enough to make the matching bias tape that goes around the edge.  So, get busy, check out GoingCrazy's wonderful tutorial and make some!

The following 2 are made with quilter's cotton and they have found new homes already with friends of mine.


This potholder is easy to make, and GoingCrazy's blog, has it posted for your enjoyment.

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